• Car getting brake service at our shop in Kelowna, BC

    Brake Service in Kelowna

    Keep your family safe on the road and your vehicle operating at its best with regular maintenance and brake repairs in Kelowna. Our skilled team can handle everything from replacing brake pads to repairing a master cylinder.

    Will your brakes perform if you need to stop suddenly to avoid an accident? If you are not sure, bring your car or truck to us for a brake check. One of our six licensed technicians will troubleshoot any defects. RPM Automotive Ltd can repair or replace all of your brakes’ components, including:

    • Brake pads
    • Brake rotors and discs
    • Brake drums
    • Calipers
    • Master cylinders

    Be Proactive: Schedule Regular Brake Service in Kelowna

    Most service schedules recommend having your mechanic check your brakes every 12 months or 12,000 miles (whichever comes first). This professional estimate is based on average driving habits and normal wear and tear. We encourage you to check your manufacturer’s maintenance schedule to see when your brakes should be serviced. Keep more frequent checks in mind if you use your vehicle professionally with lots of stops and starts.

    Some driving habits will wear out brakes more quickly. Have your brakes checked regularly and try to avoid these unsafe practices, which can damage your brakes:

    • Squealing noises
    • Grinding
    • Brake pad warning light comes on
    • ABS warning light for low brake fluid
    • Spongy or hard brake pedal 
    • Car pulls to one side when braking

    Have Us Check Your Brakes in Kelowna

    RPM Automotive offers a manufacturer warranty-approved maintenance for domestic and foreign vehicles as well as our own warranties on most repairs. We invite you to call us today to make an appointment for brake services at our Kelowna shop.

    RPM Automotive is proud to use the finest products available from the suppliers at Raybestos®, industry leaders in quality brake parts for over 100 years.
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