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Stay safer on the road and improve your vehicle’s performance with automotive knowledge and tips from the licensed auto mechanics in Kelowna at RPM Automotive. Keep up on the latest technology used at your auto service centre or get wise advice about auto maintenance. Check back to this page to read about a range of automotive topics.

  • Smiling car mechanic
    19/02/2021 0 Comments
    5 Signs Your Car’s HVAC System Needs Repair

    If you’re not a car person, it might be difficult to know exactly when something is wrong with your vehicle. Your mechanic says you should take it in when it starts making noises, but which of the many noises your car makes are the bad ones? Furthermore, not all the problems with your car will necessarily be big. When it comes to your car’s HVAC system, signs of trouble can be subtle. RPM Automotive in Kelowna can help clarify things a little with this list of five signs that your car’s AC and heating system needs repair:

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  • Smoke from engine
    19/02/2021 0 Comments
    What to Do When Your Car Overheats

    Although it may alarm you, an overheating car is not uncommon when outdoor temperatures are at their highest. Such an occurrence can be serious, so you should always bring your vehicle to RPM Automotive as soon as possible after an incident. We will inspect your car and make any necessary repairs.

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