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Car Air Conditioning in Kelowna

Extend the life of your vehicle with general preventive maintenance from RPM Automotive. Our licensed technicians offer fast and affordable oil changes and a variety of other valuable services designed to increase your car's performance. Read about some of our most common maintenance procedures below. If you have any questions about what we can do, please call or submit the e-form found on our contact page.

We provide general maintenance for:

Major De-Carbonization & Air Induction Clean-Up

Using specialized equipment, our mechanics will quickly and effectively clean fuel injectors, intake manifolds, intake valves and combustion chambers. This service will reduce harmful emissions, restore lost power and give incredible, like-new performance.

Cooling System Service

A professional-strength cooling system flush, engineered to safely and effectively remove scale and corrosion build-up, is added to the cooling system. A coolant exchange machine is used to completely remove contaminated coolant while simultaneously filling the system with fresh fluid. We also provide car air conditioning; a high-performance conditioner is added to prolong the life of the radiator, water pump, heater core and other cooling system components.

Signs Your Car's Air Conditioning System Needs Repair

Here are some tell-tale signs that indicate whether the vehicle cooling system needs repair:

Reduced airflow

If you notice that there is reduced airflow, it is an indication of problems with the air conditioner. The system might have accumulated mould or mildew over time in the evaporator core.

A sudden release of warm air

If the air conditioning system starts releasing warm or hot air, there might be problems with the compressor or a blown fuse.

Strange noise

Whenever you turn on the air conditioning system and you hear an unfamiliar noise, it is an indication of a broken fan belt or condenser. Get this checked by a mechanic immediately to prevent further problems.

Unusual odour

If the air conditioning system in your car accumulates dirt it can emit an unusual odour. This is usually caused due to the air filter, which is not cleaned or worn out. It is important to get this cleaned or replace it with a new one.

If you notice any of these signs in your vehicle's air conditioning system, consult our mechanics for help. We provide complete car air conditioning repair services in Kelowna.

Power Steering Flush Service

Our technicians use a powerful cleaner to dissolve gum and varnish in your vehicle's power steering system. We flush out the old contaminated fluid and install fresh new fluid fortified with a special antioxidant and anti-wear ingredients to help prevent expensive mechanical failure.

  Time for a Maintenance Appointment?

If you notice your car is not performing as usual, let us perform an inspection on your car. A quick inspection can help to save time and trouble in the future. We    offer brake services, diesel engine repair, wheel alignment and more.

To learn more about car air conditioning repairs in Kelowna or other services we offer, schedule an appointment at RPM Automotive today!

Cooling System

The cooling fan, water pump, thermostat, radiator, heater core, heater valve all work together to dissipate heat from the engine. Heat can build up in a variety of places, and when the engine reaches the maximum operating temperature, the thermostat opens and releases antifreeze from the engine to the radiator, which initiates the circulatory flow to absorb the heat. Antifreeze is responsible for keeping engine fluids from boiling or freezing. Antifreeze flows through the engine and cycles back to the radiator, where the excess heat escapes through the radiator walls. The antifreeze itself is cooled by the cooling fan.

Antifreeze breaks down and loses efficiency- old antifreeze can lead to corrosion, and so we drain and flush the system and refill with new fluid. 

The cooling system plays a very important role in regulating the internal temperature of your vehicle. Leaks can occur when corrosion is present, and if left untreated, it will eventually lead to bigger problems.


Charging System

All components within your starting charging system are necessary to ensure proper working order - one bad link between them can render the entire electrical process useless.



Battery life can be shortened in extreme weather conditions or improper maintenance. The role of a battery is to send a current of electricity to the starter and other electrical components.



The alternator works with the battery to keep electrical components running, and depending on the vehicle the alternator pulley is driven either by a serpentine belt or v belt. The mechanical energy is then converted into electrical energy. Although a battery can keep the vehicle running for a little while without an alternator, it will not run for an extended period of time. The alternator serves as the charger for a battery. The symptoms may be a warning light on the dash, dim headlights or even an alternator noise.


In a manual transmission system, the clutch is used to engage and disengage the transmission to the engine. Each time you press down your clutch, the pressure plate pushes against the flywheel, which joins the transmission and engine, which enables gears to be changed. The clutch, pressure plate, flywheel, gears and bearings will wear down over time by the friction of this repetitive action.

Diagnostics Tools

Let Us Optimize Your Vehicle's Performance

Auto Mechanic

Great Service

“My daughter's vehicle wouldn't start, and since we live in a different town, we had to make all the arrangements for diagnostics and repairs over the phone. Kevin, who took my call, was very professional. The car was in and out within 24 hours and we even received a text after the fact, with a copy of the courtesy inspection. Thanks for the great service, RPM!”

- Jocelyne J.

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