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Rely on Our Complete Vehicle Diagnostics in Kelowna

Opting for complete vehicle diagnostics in Kelowna can help you escape costly repairs and enjoy a smooth ride every time. When dealing with the complicated electrical systems found in today's vehicles, you need more than a good mechanic. You need specialists that are familiar with your system's on-board computer, relays, wires, switches and sensors. With our state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained technicians, we provide complete vehicle diagnostics in Kelowna. Are you not sure why the check engine light is on? We can quickly find the problem and get it resolved so you can drive worry-free. If you require complete vehicle diagnostics in Kelowna, bring your car in for an inspection today.

Check Engine Light

Your vehicle's on-board diagnostics system will detect an engine issue and may store a code. This engine warning light helps alert drivers to minor issues before they require major repairs. The trouble codes are generated in response to malfunctions. Engine diagnostics help us gather helpful information to determine the operating condition of your car and the correct direction of diagnostics, so we do not waste your time or money.

Electrical Problems

Rat we found when diagnosing an electrical problem. It had chewed through the wires. 

Maintenance & Repair for Your Vehicle's Fuel Injector in Kelowna

Fuel injectors are responsible for injecting the right amount of fuel into your vehicle's engine for optimal combustion. They also must disperse the fuel at the correct angle, pressure and spray pattern for your specific engine type. Without a properly working fuel injector, your engine may experience an uneven distribution of air and fuel, which can affect your emissions and vehicle performance.

RPM Automotive Ltd. offers comprehensive service for fuel injectors in Kelowna. We use advanced diagnostic equipment to determine what is wrong with your fuel injector and ensure we provide the correct maintenance and repair services. No matter what fuel you use or what vehicle you drive, our team can provide services, so your fuel injector is working properly.

Standard & Performance Fuel Injector Service

Whether you drive a two-door coupe, a work truck or a family-sized SUV, the team at RPM Automotive Ltd. can help you with your fuel injector needs in Kelowna. We offer comprehensive fuel injector service for gasoline and diesel vehicles, including:


Regular maintenance, such as cleaning out your fuel injector, will prolong the life of your injector. We recommend maintenance every 48,000 km.


Over time, certain parts of your fuel injector wear out or break. When this happens, you need part replacement and repairs to keep your vehicle running.


Sometimes, repairs aren't enough. If your vehicle won't start with a full tank or your check engine light has turned on, it's probably time to install a replacement.

If you've been neglecting routine oil changes and filter replacements, chances are your fuel injector is suffering. You can rely on RPM Automotive Ltd. for all of your vehicle repair and maintenance needs.

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A well-maintained fuel injector can reduce emissions, increase vehicle performance and improve gas mileage. Be sure to take advantage of these benefits by scheduling service for your fuel injector in Kelowna. Call RPM Automotive Ltd. today to book your appointment.

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Great Service

“My daughter's vehicle wouldn't start, and since we live in a different town, we had to make all the arrangements for diagnostics and repairs over the phone. Kevin, who took my call, was very professional. The car was in and out within 24 hours and we even received a text after the fact, with a copy of the courtesy inspection. Thanks for the great service, RPM!”

- Jocelyne J.

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